Industrial Designer


Our aim is to provide intuitive solutions that enhance our daily lives to a strongly developing  global consciousness and the greater awareness of self. At 61-54 Design we deliver researched ideas built on a broad range of industrial experience and a true understanding of the ‘makers’ skill. Ideas are only as good as their delivery and harmonising strong cost needs with innovative material use is paramount. The living environment we create must be truly reflective of our impact on it!


After graduating at Birmingham in the 70’s there was time spent in ‘Conran Associates’ with Terence Conran before going to the iconic Pieff Furniture learning about the art of ‘Black Country’ manufacturing. Then the integration of the company into the PEL organisation – the birthplace of the UK’s tubular furniture industry in the 30’s. This vibrant backdrop led to being involved in the development of Boss Design now a leading brand in the UK. One of the key skills obtained at Boss was being briefed by ‘Corporate Clients’ agreeing solutions that were then realised in the factory.

In 2005 started to design products for other manufacturers using the honed skills derived from the shop-floor manufacturing environment. An advocate of the makers skill where design is derived from understanding the artisans art industrialisation of designs is now foremost in a designer’s repertoire. Making credible environmental decisions that enhances our wellbeing.

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